More Details About GROW II

The Fort Scott Area Community Foundation (FSACF), partnering with the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas (CFSEK) now has an opportunity to acquire $120,000 in funding from the Kansas Health Foundation by participating in the Giving Resources to Our World Healthy Kansas Initiative (GROW II).

The goal of GROW II is to help more Kansas community foundations build permanent resources through new gifts to their endowments.
Through GROW II, the Kansas Health Foundation will match any new gift to permanently endowed funds at FSACF except scholarships.

Matching Rates

Two different matching rates exist:

  1. 50 cents for each dollar donated to the FSACF Unrestricted Endowment Fund.
  2. 25 cents for each dollar donated to all other FSACF Endowment Funds such as Donor Advised Endowment Funds or Field of Interest Endowment Funds.

Donations to any FSACF Endowment Scholarship Fund do not receive a GROW II match.


The matching funds will be used to build FSACF endowed funds. The interest can then be used to award grants that will provide solutions to a broad spectrum of local public health issues.

During the next six years, FSACF hopes to raise endowment fund pledges of $240,000 that qualify for 50% GROW II matching funds or $480,000 in pledges that qualify for 25% GROW II matching funds.

As of April 1, FSACF has raised $140,200 in various endowment fund pledges.

Donors wishing a GROW II match for a donation to an FSACF endowed fund may choose to make a one-time contribution or may pledge a gift to be contributed annually over the number of years selected by the donor (up to six).