Our Founders

The Fort Scott Area Community Foundation was founded in 2007 as the result of the hard work and generosity of nearly two dozen local residents:

  • James Banwart
  • Charles Gentry
  • Dave Birk
  • Janet I. Braun
  • Susan Brown
  • James (Tex) Crutcher
  • Melvin B. Foster
  • John Horn
  • Carol A. MacArthur
  • H. Dean Mann
  • Shirley J. Palmer
  • Aileen Pollock
  • Carolyn K. Sinn
  • Paulette Smith
  • John Spencer
  • R. Allen Warren
  • Richard A. Werling
  • Jared L. Witt
  • Judy Witt
  • Vicki Wright

Thank you to all our founders for your vision of an ever-improving Bourbon County, which laid the groundwork for everything the Community Foundation does today!