How to Give

Partnering with FSACF for your charitable giving offers multiple advantages in terms of structuring and timing your gift.

Flexible fund structures

Giving to FSACF can be as easy as clicking a donate button. But when you establish a new charitable fund with us, you gain powerful customization options so your gift can better fit your charitable vision.

Time your gift for maximum impact

You can give now. You can make a pledge to give later. You can plan to give much, much later by leaving FSACF a gift as part of your estate plan. The timing of your gift is entirely up to you!

Giving today

You can donate to any of our current funds or establish a new one. For your convenience, we can accept gifts of any kind of property, including:

  • Cash, checks, and credit or debit cards
  • Securities, including stocks and bonds
  • Farmland or other real estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Life insurance policies

How to give in the future

Planned giving is a topic that is as complicated as you want it to be. It can be as simple as leaving a gift to FSACF in your will or naming FSACF as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan. Or it can be as complicated as creating a charitable split-interest trust.

The Community Foundation is always happy to work with you and your professional advisors to make your giving plan as efficient and effective as it can be.

Contact us to discuss your giving options

If you still have questions about how the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas can fit into your charitable giving, you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options!