Honoring the Past and Impacting the Future

The mission of the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation is to partner with and be a resource to organizations whose goal is to improve the quality of life in the Fort Scott, Kansas, area. FSACF strives to create connections between donors and a variety of many worthwhile causes.

The Fort Scott Area Community Foundation was launched in August 2007 to meet the needs of Fort Scott, Kansas, and the surrounding area. FSACF encourages philanthropy and provides benefactors with a variety of giving options. The Foundation assists donors in meeting their charitable goals by creating a giving and granting environment that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of the Fort Scott area.

Keep 5 in Bourbon County

By making Keep 5 in Kansas work for Bourbon County, we can turn our hopes for the future into a reality. If everyone designates 5% of their estate to the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation (FSACF), our hometown needs can be met continually. Offering a broad range of fund options, the FSACF accepts a variety of assets. With everyone’s help, we can create a permanent source of funding for local charities. To learn more about the Keep 5 in Kansas campaign in Bourbon County, contact Stephanie Witt, FSACF Chairman.

New Board Members for 2018 Recently Elected

Your Fort Scott Area Community Foundation continues to grow, and we look forward to serving the community. Thanks for your support.

FSACF Funds as of August 31, 2019

Controlled Funds:

Other Funds: $7,505,289.07

Total Funds: $8,301,429.83


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