Skate Park Looks for Funding

There is definitely a need for a skate park in Fort Scott. The latest Skaters As Scholars event was attended by nearly 70 young skaters, and the issue has been unaddressed since the 1980s. It is estimated that there are over 450 skaters in town, according to Nate Lyons, Fort Scott Skate Park Committee member.

About the Fort Scott Skate Park Committee

The Fort Scott Skate Park Committee members are dedicated to raising awareness, education, and promotion of responsible skateboarding, with the ultimate goal of funding a skate park.

  • Awareness includes involving youth in responsible skating and identifying and providing approved locations to ride.
  • Education includes rewarding skaters for excellent scholarship, community leadership, and good citizenship.
  • Promotion includes improving the image of skaters through media and providing opportunities for achievement in this chosen sport.

The committee, which has nine members, has big plans to build a skate park on city-owned and maintained property that is centrally located with easy and safe accessibility. The location should also be close to other facilities and activities and have good visibility from well-traveled byways in town.

The Financial Need

Estimated costs for this type of project can average as much as $45 per square foot. The facility needed to accommodate the number of skaters in Fort Scott will need to be nearly 4,000 square feet in size. The estimated per-square-foot cost includes expenses such as planning, design and engineering, site excavation, concrete, fencing, labor and materials, and spectator amenities. Lyons said, “Our plan is to reduce the overall cost by utilizing in-kind donations of services and materials, working with the City and Public Works to try and secure lower material cost and labor costs.”

Where to Learn More

Appearing in the Good Ol’ Days parade, the skaters will promote a skating event and exhibition they will be hosting on Saturday afternoon, June 6, in the parking lot on the south side of H&H Realty. Kids can participate in contests and ride the various ramps available. Additionally, the committee will have a booth at the street fair where they will inform the public about their goals and work on some fundraising.

Information about the skate park efforts can be found at their website located at Contributions supporting the skate park can be made through the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation.