Welcome to the new FSACF.com!

When you came to the website today, you might have noticed that things look a little different. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to create an updated, modern, user-friendly replacement for the old FSACF.com. The old website had served us well for the past few years, but it was beginning to show its age. This new version is easier for us to keep up to date, and we hope it’s easier for you to use, too.

New features

  • Announcements. Whenever there’s an announcement, you’ll see a green bell icon on the header image and a list of announcements will appear just below the header on the homepage.
  • Newsletters archive. You can now read all of our newsletters going back to the very first one right here on our website.
  • Blog. To help us keep you up to date on FSACF goings-on, we’ve activated a new blog section on our website!
  • Contact form. Check out our new contact form, which makes it easier than ever for you to send a message to the FSACF team!

Help us help you!

Because this upgraded website is still so new, you might run into some problems while using it. If you come across a missing page or encounter some other error, please contact us to let us know about it! We’ll look into the problem and figure out a solution so it doesn’t happen again.

Finally, please note that this new website probably won’t look very good if you’re still using Microsoft’s old web browser, Internet Explorer. If you are, we suggest upgrading to a modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge (built into Windows 10 and 11), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.