All About ART

Who doesn’t remember their first experience with a live performance? Now imagine that experience happening for the first time at age 11.

Project ART (Appreciation, Reading, and Theater) began over 25 years ago to ensure that Fort Scott Middle School students had exposure to the arts. The first five years of the program were funded by a grant that included a copy of the book for each performance. Once that grant ended, many other community groups stepped up to help support the continuation of the program.

Today, students are asked to pay a nominal fee each year to help subsidize the trips, but it does not cover the entire cost. The grant from the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation ensures that all students, regardless of need, will be able to participate in this valuable arts experience!

In recent years, eight-graders have been plays based on readings from their English classes such as Dracula, Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and a play based on the trial of Anthony Burns. Sixth-graders see The Nutcracker ballet, and seventh-graders go to see A Christmas Carol.

The excitement of a live production helps students gain an appreciation of theater and learn the appropriate protocols of being an audience member. For some students, these may be the only performances they ever attend.

Partnering with our schools is one way that the Foundation supports the youth of our community by helping to enrich their educational experiences. Thank you!