The community foundation is more global than a single-purpose charity. It is a neutral party, an impartial organization, established to improve and enrich the quality of life in the community.

When donors establish a fund through the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation, they open the door to a very broad range of charitable options. The FSACF can manage virtually any type of gift for any charitable purpose, offering everyone the opportunity to make a lasting contribution that directly benefits their community.

Clients who voice interest in giving through a charitable trust or a private foundation accomplish many of the same objectives by using their community foundation as a vehicle. Clients get the advantage of good counsel regarding local needs and community resources. They can direct funds into their own areas of interest, and make recommendations for grants to charitable agencies of their choice.

One of the advantages of the FSACF is that it offers the donor much more flexibility in the use of their charitable dollars than a direct gift to a charity. Many charitable organizations encourage planned giving, but that organization is the sole beneficiary of the gift. With their community foundation, on the other hand, donors can name multiple beneficiaries.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff of our affiliate, the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas, who shares a deep commitment to the well-being of the community, can help find the best charitable organizations to fit each donor’s interests, and help donors and their advisors structure a charitable fund to satisfy specific goals and financial objectives. Many donors use their community foundation as a means of giving during their lifetimes, and providing a charitable endowment after their deaths to support their charitable interests in perpetuity. Giving through their community foundation is more personal.

There is a real identification with the idea of “giving back”. Donors feel they are contributing more fully to the development of their community.

Gifts to the FSACF can become part of a lasting endowment. For many people, the idea of endowment is attractive particularly when they feel assured of good stewardship and know there are provisions for responsible use of the funds. The principal is expertly and responsibly managed in a balanced portfolio, and available income is used to fund projects according to donor wishes. Funds are invested with professional, well-known financial institutions, and performance is reviewed regularly. The foundation’s financial position is evaluated annually by an independent audit. These safeguards ensure that contributions will be preserved and earnings will be maximized over time.

One of the major strengths of the FSACF is its ability to provide a flexible vehicle for donors with multiple philanthropic interests. The foundation keeps in close contact with nonprofit agencies throughout the local area, and their broad perspective and local knowledge assure that grants will always be targeted where they can do the most good. The leadership of the community foundation is well-trained and sensitive to seeing that the client’s needs and objectives are served.

The goal is to see to it that donors get into a fund or gift situation that meets their objectives. A gift to the community foundation can take many different forms. It’s a highly flexible, very personal way to give.

As a public charity, the FSACF offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. Donors may give cash, stock, closely held securities, real estate or personal property, and receive maximum tax benefits. Through planned giving that integrates philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning, advisors can ensure that their clients receive full benefit from contributions, while supporting the local community and charities of their choice.

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