Family of Funds

FSACF Permanent Funds:

  • Anna Faye Steele Memorial Fund
  • Dr. Pratt and Pauline Irby Endowment Fund
  • Fort Scott Area Community Foundation General Endowment Fund
  • Fort Scott Area Public Parks Endowment Fund
  • H Dean and Rebecca B Mann Endowed Fund
  • Haberbosch Family Scholarship Fund
  • Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund-FSACF
  • Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund-FSACF
  • Robert Gordon Steele Memorial Fund
  • Shirley Yeager’s Animal Friends Foundation
  • Tom W. Davis Memorial Endowed Fund
  • William F Lehman American History Scholarship Fund

FSACF Non-Permanent Funds:

  • Fort Scott Area Community Foundation Combined Non-permanent Fund
  • LaRoche Baseball Complex Campaign Fund
  • Marjorie Lee Weast Memorial Fund

To make a donation now, click here. For more information about making donations to any of these funds, please click here to email FSACF.

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