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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation. You have several options when it comes to donating:

1. You may donate to the FSACF General Endowment (Permanent) Fund by clicking here and selecting the fund named, “Fort Scott Endowment Fund”.

2. You may donate to a specific Fort Scott fund by clicking here and scrolling down to the list of Fort Scott Area Community Foundation funds which are listed below:

  • N–Fort Scott Area Community Foundation Combined Nonpermanent Fund
  • E–Fort Scott Area Community Foundation General Endowment Fund
  • E–Dr. Pratt and Pauline Irby Endowment Fund
  • E–Fort Scott Area Public Parks Endowment Fund
  • E–Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund-FSACF
  • E–Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund-FSACF
  • E–William F Lehman American History Scholarship Fund
  • N–Marjorie Lee Weast Memorial Fund
  • E–Shirley Yeager’s Animal Friends Foundation
  • N–LaRoche Baseball Complex Campaign Fund
  • E–H Dean and Rebecca B Mann Endowed Fund*
  • E–Tom W. Davis Memorial Endowed Fund

(*E = Endowed, N=Non-endowed)

3. You may click here to donate to a specific Southeast Kansas Fund.

You can contribute to any of the funds listed above using your credit card. Just enter the Fund name or Fund ID you choose on the form provided on the next page. You may optionally download this donation form and mail it to the address given.

Thank you for your interest in Honoring the Past and Impacting the Future of Fort Scott.

The fee associated with making a credit card donation which is assessed by the credit card company will be assessed to the Fund into which the gift is given.

Please email us if you have any questions.

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